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Remedy is great!  We can customize it to do what we want.  Life is good.  What?  What is this documentation you speak of?


Of course we document our changes.(?)  The addition of Overlays has helps from the old days when we had to work with different object naming conventions to differentiate what we created, what BMC created and what BMC created but we modified.  Often we need to document our custom and modified objects (now overlaid) outside of the system.


What is the best way to get a list of objects outside of the system?


The the other day I was creating a Working List in preparation to export.  The plan was to do a little magic with Log Parsing Utilities and 'Extended' find and replace in Notepadd++ to get to just a list of objects.  Then I remembered Dev Studio has a copy feature.  It is called "Copy Name"  that means singular right?  WRONG!!!


Selecting multiple objects, right clicking and choosing Copy Name will select the name of all selected objects.


An Example

Below I created a Working List of objects related to CHG:Infrastructure Change however copying works from:

  • Active Link, Filter, Menu, etc. object list
  • Applications
  • Packing Lists


'Base' is unchecked so I am only getting a list of objects we have created or overlaid.




Just select some objects, right click and select Copy Name.




Then just paste into the text/word editor of your choice.



It is just that simple.  No need to perform .def file parsing magic.