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This one isn't Remedy related but more on topic of BMC SocialThe addition of a new gamification system shook things up on the BMC Communities last October.  Things are running much smoother and now that we are settled in I am seeing some more discussion about "how do I level-up with the point system?"  Here is what I have found to help build points and reputation.


  • Help others by replying to Discussions.
  • Use the Communities to get answers to your questions.  Post a Discussion (as a question) when you need an answer.
  • Post your Ideas for enhancing BMC's products and the even BMC Communities.
  • Proactively post knowledge bits that help you and will probably help others (like I am doing with this blog Index of Jason's Tip Blog Postings).
  • Post tools and documents you created that help you do your job and will helps others do their job.
  • Have fun and engage in the social atmosphere such as in Off Topic.
  • Rant when appropriate (yeah, I'll list this).  Sometimes the Community needs to keep BMC (and others) in check.  Of course don't use this bullet too much and it probably helps to build some reputation first.
  • Follow people... and people will follow you when you do those things listed above.


In Summary

Basically be a good member of the Community.  Most of the top Communities members (according to the point system) do not do it for the points but to be helpful and engage with like-minded people.


For more information read Reputation & Points System Explained