Frank Nagel
We identify a general problem with the search option in smart-it and the publish documentation. After a support case we got a feedback that smart-it works as designed and the documentation shell be…
Patty Grant
HI, I am user, not a developer or admin.  I often use modify all to update and resolve group tickets, however the notes section won't update.  Everything else works fine, but the notes is where I log… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Ravindra Babu Gudimallam
Hi All,   May I know how to update login ID of few people records (say 200 records) in bulk. I know, we can update one login ID @ time using Data Wizard console. Is there any way using DMT to bulk… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
James DeLuca
I am attempting to add the submit date of a record (may be Incident, Problem, Change or Work Order) to the results in the Global Search. Is there any way to perform this? Thank you,
in Remedy ITSM
Igor Smrdelj
Hi,   there are several useful bulk actions you can perform with Smart-IT  on console contents (for universal client only) with selected multiple tickets  (assign, share, follow, update status…