alakhya NameToUpdate
Need some guidance on AIF developement.   Can i custom field to AIF??   Can i create a view of AIF ??
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Hi,   I think that I'm missing something simple with the SRD export: I've defined a path, stipulated a file name (without periods), I have the proper perms, and the windows directory is r/w.  Yet,…
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Saranya V.S
Dear Team,   We are facing issue in running  a DataExchange which comes under the AIE part of Atrium Core While Verifying the Data Exchange, upon clicking the verify button.   * Set fields active…
in BMC Atrium CMDB
madhu babu unnam
Hi All,          We are using SRM 2.2.0 version in BMC remedy 7.5.01.        We have seen for one work order that AOIStatus :Actiavted  in SRM:AppInstnaceBridge form ,even though it is showing…
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Gil Peeters
Dear all,   How can I push a value into the 'Class' field of a change ticket? The Class-field cannot be selected from the mapping list. Thanks for any help.   Best regards, Gil
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Abdul Moid Mohammed
Hi Everyone,   After the maintenance,one of our DEV server is not starting from Windows Services,it starts from Command Window, where in we will be able to lo-gin,perform our task/activities,but…
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Priyanka Gupta
Hi All,   In Standard SRD can we implement following: Suppose there are 3 fields: Field 1 (Drop Down menu having menu option Yes/No) Field 2 - Text Field Field 2 - Text Field   Now when i…
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