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Steven Seitz
Hi all,   Working with Computer System records in CMDB 9.1.  I am looking for what sets these fields, in particular Disposal Date.   I have multiple records with these fields set, but am looking… (Show more)
Eric Butkovich
Can the priority of a ticket be locked so that a help desk agent cannot change the priority after it has been created?
in Track-It!
Ken Soszka
I have some questions about the instructions below, for enabling integration between Track-It! and BCM using the BCM Configuration XML file. I guess I don't understand the step-by-step process.  … (Show more)
in Track-It!
Constantin Hütterer
Smart-IT already makes it possible to create own CSS files for rebranding and customization-purposes. (Rebranding Smart IT on the Universal Client - Documentation for Remedy with Smart IT 1.6 - BMC…
Daniel Maican
Hi,   Think about introducing the rich text options for record grid / editors. By Rich text options i mean at least some hyper links, text formatting   Think it from an app perspective:   An app…
Bill Jordan
Hello,   We're using Smart Reporting version 19.08, is there a way to change the view on an existing report, or relate it to a different view when importing?  I think I was able to change the view… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Curtis Gallant
Updating a Remedy system when a Login ID has to changed can be a long and slow process if you want to keep the integrity of the data after changing the Login ID.  BMC provides the Data Wizard tool to…
in Remedy AR System
Sebastian Espinosa De Los Monteros
Hi folks,   We need to disabled the "Shared Variable" icon in the monitoring domain according to users priviliges. Some information shown in that icon must not be seen.  
Christoph Klapetke
Hi, it would be a great enhancement if you can share any filters in smart- IT with other users.
Ash Hall
Within Smart IT, Active Link workflow is not supported, as a consequence workflow/customisations have to be converted to utilise Filters. Filters have limitations in terms of GUI/UX manipulation and…
Adrian Cermeno
Can RSSO and TSPS be deployed on the same server? Yes, but for a PROD environment is required to have RSSO and TSPS on different servers.   Do I need to install latest CHF on my current TSCO… (Show more)
Adrian Cermeno
Capture the logGrabber output from the TSCO Application Server and store it in your pc or server. In case any issue is presented after the upgrade we'll want to review the installation log and the… (Show more)
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