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Mohammad Al Taj
Hi All ,    I'm looking to import SQL data using BMC integrator spoon.   Any Idea to do that ?      Thanks
in Remedy ITSM
Apurva Girme
Hi All,   We want to skip "Description" field from ADDM to CMDB sync. Can we directly remove it from Patterns?? Will it affect other sync fields? Please let me know how to go for it.  
in Discovery / ADDM
Sanket Mhatre
As a part of requirement, I want to add a formatted text as a some text on new line.   Usecase : 1. Go to SB workflow Designer 2. Create a variable local or text for input type 3. Now try to enter…
vivek garg
Hi,   We are trying to consume a 3rd Party web service but getting below error   same web service is working fine from SOAP tool and we are getting successful message from 3rd Party.   please… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
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Shane Smith
Need the ability to format text in the work flow editor of DWP.  Example:  When pushing multiple lines of text in the notes field of a work order, it would be helpful to allow line breaks in the text…
Michael D
Hi.   We are scanning Windows servers with RemQuery only. Customer doesn't allow WMI. We only get information for attribute domain not attribute dns_domain and local_fqdn. When we sync from… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Somnath Shilimkar
Hi All,   In this week our ADDM was broke, BMC customer support suggested to restore to backup. we have only one backup took in May 2014 which consists of around 500 servers and before ADDM was… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Matthias Etter
At the moment there is no possibility to create a link that points to the most recent version of a knowledge article. You can only create a link to a specific version of the article. If someone…
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Stefan Timmermann
At the moment TSPS creates for each connected TSIM the contained CIs. That means that, if you have the same device in several TSIMs, you get the Device multiple times created. We would request that…
Lionel ROCHA
The step allowing the execution of a program with a specific account, does not allow to enter a password containing special characters like "&". The step fails in this case.   Someone have a… (Show more)
in Client Management
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