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Ivan Lazarov
Hello Guys,   We have a request to implement PGP file transfers between hosts, however upon going through the steps from official BMC video : How to use PGP with Control-M for Advanced File Transfer… (Show more)
in Control-M
Ganesh Prakaash
The Surveys are in general configured specific to the Service Requests and Users might get the Notification or/and Email Notification based on their personal preferences.     Basically the Surveys… (Show more)
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Raghvendra Raghav
There is a use case where if we observe that user says he wants to connect to live agent, we can trigger PI call so that, now user messages will go to directly Live agent and live agent's responses… (Show more)
in Developer Community
Tariq AlRamahi
Hello Communities,   I am trying to change the following Survey OTB icons in DWP latest version: 20.02     I made the change on this files, restart the service ,but not change in DWP C:\Program… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
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sdjkfbiw erkjerhf
Hi Team,   Just wanted to understand the default usage limit of all the applications under BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite so that I can set my 'currently defined limit' to the same mentioned… (Show more)
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Celso Alonso
Modifications made on public (not locked) Incident WorkInfos from Remedy ITSM are not sync in Digital Workplace.   This is the case: Support user submits a new public (not locked) WorkInfo on an…
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Stefan Hall
If I have understood the documentation correctly, BMC recommends to cluster several midtier over standard tomcat cluster configuration. The question I ask myself is: Why?   The following case: 2 MT… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
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Narayan Thirupat
After analyse we found that when DB2COMM=SSL set then we need to support it from JSBC connection, so our DB2 KM Does not support the use of DB2COMM=SSL
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Mohammad Hasan
What is Postman?  Postman is a software development tool. It enables people to test calls to APIs. Postman users enter data. The data is sent to a special web server address. Typically, information… (Show more)
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Calogero Lucia
Dear voters,   it is possible to delete a relations between CI and People via the AST:LoadAssetPeople. After the VALIDATE and PROMOTE achtion the status in "AST:AssetPeople" will be set to "Delete".…
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David Vacas
Hi,   When you enter to see a service request detail through "My Activity" you can see a pregress bar with the status. That bar seems to appear only in english despite the rest of the system and… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace
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