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Rakesh Jajper
BMC Remedy ITSM Utility Tool – Developed by Rakesh Jajper Here I have good news for all the members of BMC ARS Community. Since few weeks I was working on developing the ITSM Permission/Role utility…
in Remedy AR System
shardul singh
Hi All,   I can see buttons on Remedyforce Incident console detail page as well when i added the buttons in page layout. I want to use incident from both Incident Tab and Incident Console as well… (Show more)
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Ariel Manka
Hi,   I have a very typical setup of ARS 18.08.00 with RSSO. I'm using SoapUI to build test cases and when I try to get the REST authentication token using POST method on the /api/jwt/login… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
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Mike Roper
Would like the ability for users to modify activity after it has been added to MyIT/SmartIT. If any clarifying information needs to be added to an activity, the user must create a new entry.
Stefan Hall
Hi,   This implementation already exists, but only for ITSM. Link: I believe that a similar…
Andreas Kunz
Lines of business needs mostly even local language templates. This is one of the differentiators to classic ITSM. In ITSM templates will mostly work in the "backend" language.   It will be great to…
Paul Stanfa
Users have requested the ability to generate a new change template from an existing Change Request to speed up the time it takes to create a template with most fields filled out. 
Christoph Maier-Bosse
Business Requirement: Services should only be requestable (requested by, visible) for certain authorized persons. However it must be possible to select another person as requested for. The…
Alok Dewhare
Hi Team,   Use case:-   We want to use 3 chart in a report and we do not want to show in canvas next to each other, but should be able to switch by button, below is screen shot for reference.  …
Christian Tschiderer
Follow tickets you marked in SmartIT (following) and find them with a filter at the Ticket Console. Our support stuff is very interested in observing informations of running Incidents / Workorders /…
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Philipp Claus
Hey,   while developing custom view components, for some components it would be beneficial, if the developer in the View Designer was able to configure an action or a sequence of actions in the…
Rajesh Mokashi
As per the current Smart IT design when we make an update or for example we add a new Activity on an Incident. After adding the Activity in the Activities panel we see the Date/ Time activity was…
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