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Carnevale Domingues
Hi Here are some examples of queries using Get Entry by Query activity. I wish it helps you!! Example 1) to search on AST:Attribuites (to search for CI in CMDB by tag number):   (("'TagNumber'…
in Digital Workplace
Matt Laurenceau
For the past year, we’ve been designing a new Community experience. It’s crafted from the input you’ve provided through years of surveys,  collaborating with community experts, and conversations with… (Show more)
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Anish Jain
Hi, I have a use case, where I need to have user authentication first separately before allowing for Incident Creation or Updates.   I am using HPD_IncidentInterface_Create_WS and… (Show more)
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Kari Van Duren
There are still vital details missing from CRQs that leaders are asked to review and approve via Digital Workplace. We'd like the ability to configure the fields we need to display for approval. Some…
Angelantonio alfonso
Hi all, sorry but I'm not expert in Smart Reporting.   I have created a custom View, below the script (i have selected only 4 fields for this sample)   "select,,… (Show more)
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Saud Shaikh
Hello All,   Recently we are facing a grave issue in Remedy and need your help with it.   Background: We have Remedy version Action Request System(R) Server x64 Version 7.6.04 SP2 Patch 001… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
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Bharath K
Need to update Location Details in FPAC Agent properties automatically. Mechanism : The Location details has to pick from IP Range details(If Range of IP Addresses allocated to particular Location)…
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Eric Kurtz
I have a request from our Finance department to limit the amount of total hours worked for a week to 40 hours.  Is it possible to prevent a user from saving their entry if they exceed 40 hours?  I… (Show more)
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