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This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy with Smart IT COMPONENT:…
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Courtney Patton
Anyone have any ideas on when the next version will be released for Footprints? I feel like they are late with this one?
in FootPrints service desk
Seth Paskin
Webinar logistics: When: Wed July 18th, 10am Central Duration: 30min Technology: WebEx   Webinar details: For a number of releases now, TrueSight Operations Mgmt  has come with dynamic baselining…
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Hi Do you know how we can disable workspaces for a specific users?   Regards,
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Jorge Copia
Hi, community; this is my first post. My name is George.   I need to add a new status reason on the form Investigation Form, for this purpose I have created two entries on the form: SYS:Status… (Show more)
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John Fulton
As Remedyforce continues to enhance and expand across many areas of the solution, the CMDB user interface has remained unchanged since its inception. This project is intended expose and validate… (Show more)
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Bala b
Hi   Am running a job to savelogs using  CTMLOG utility , it getting failed with below error, Kindly advice   Select init status = FAILFor more information see log file ./proclog/u_ctmlog54\… (Show more)
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Eric Liszt
Hi Everyone, The reason I’m posting today is to ask for your help.  I’d like to open a conversation around communicating the value of the Service Desk with business leaders. Please allow me to… (Show more)
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