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    How to fasten Recon Console?



      I've got a 75 P1 Installation of ISTM Suite and CMDB on a ESX Server Win 2003 Dual Core 2.4 GHz an 4 GB Ram.

      The Recon Console does open successfully but needs about 20 min or longer to load Data of the existing Jobs (activities, configurations...). I tried to create a new Recon-Job but aborted after waiting for loading the menus (namespace, dataset...) for nearly half an hour.

      At the time it is not possible to create a Recon-Job due to the poor performance.


      Does anybody have an Idea how to fasten the loading of the Recon Console - configured with standard values?

      Thanks in prospect


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          Hi Tom,


          what database you using? Oracle or MS SQL? Try to check, if indexing of database is turned on. Is HDD busy during Recon. console lagging?

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            it's a not local oracle DB and indexing is on!

            I don't know if the Hard Disk is working during lagging but I can check this on customer side today afternoon.


            We just recognised the following:

            On requesting the console the usertool is working with cpu upt to 70%

            then the server's working with up to 80%


            after this, both of them are waiting


            minutes later the usertool is getting the data.

            but the DB isn't working hard...

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              Vijay Dadi

              hi tamann,


              recon job becomes slow when there is a huge DSO backlog. This u can check using the SQL command


              SELECT count(*) from distributed_pending;


              This value should keep on decreasing. If not then it means that DSO processing is hanged. So you need to restart the DSO by killing the process

              "Serverds" in the task manager.


              Try this, it might work.




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                thank's for the tipp - I'll try this when I'm able to save a schedule to a job and start one! ;-)


                primarily I meant that the loading of the conksole itself is very slow - for example: I can see the recon jobs on the console but not the details like number of actions or the schedule.