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    How to add a new CMDB Class to Asset Man?

      Hello everybody


      I have made a new class in the CMDB and now I am looking for how to add it to the Asset Management.

      That fare I have found the documentation to "Modifying views of forms in BMC Remedy IT Service Management applications" in the CMDB Administrator’s Guide, page 152.


      As fare is I unterstand it, this steps are only to update exiting classes with existing Asset Forms where I have added new attributes.


      In the next chapter "Generating forms for other applications" are some deeper information, but not spezially for the Asset Man.


      Is there somewhere a discription how to do it for the Asset Management?

      Or do I allready found it but could not make the correct links in my mind?

      Does I even can add new classes to Asset Man.?


      thx for any hint