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    Error BMC-IMC101009E

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      Hi Guys,


      I am using RBA to update events based on the event ID. Sometimes BEM is sending the adapter the error below. Has anyone encountered it before and know what it means and/or how to resolve it?


      ing Adapter Response in Response Processor   :<bmc-event-manager-response>






          <error>Error: BMC-IMC101009E {0}&#xD;


      Error: BMC-IMC101008E</error>






          <query-executed>select [event_handle, severity, status, mc_owner, mc_tool_time, CLASS, mc_incident_time, msg, mc_priority, mc_service, mc_action_count, mc_local_reception_time, mc_tool_rule, mc_arrival_time, mc_host_class, mc_smc_alias, rba_retry_count, mc_tool_address, date_reception, mc_host_address, incidentid, mc_account, mc_date_modification, mc_host, mc_smc_id, mc_tool_class, mc_notes, mc_object, mc_smc_type, duration, mc_parameter_threshold, mc_object_class, adapter_host, mc_tool, mc_event_category, mc_parameter, mc_location, mc_ueid] from EVENT where [$THIS.mc_ueid equals 'mc.aubwsie991.99de4bc.4'] END</query-executed>


          <query-responses />



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          Hi Ian,

          you can manually look up the error meanings by doing a search on the files in <mcell_home>/etc/locale.


          For your case:

          BMC-IMC101008E = Cannot handle unregistered client
          BMC-IMC101009E = Invalid query id {0} for client



          I would see this as an adapter failure/bug. It tries to send a query to the cell but the query-connection (which has to be established first) is invalid (e.g. dropped, cell-restart). Restarting the actor-adapter will propably fix this - but IMHO the adapter should handle these failures and try to re-connect.




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            mcmdmsg.properties:BMC-IMC101008E = Cannot handle unregistered client

            Above are the details about this error code. Don’t know why you are getting this error at times.




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              You can take a look at the cell trace when the error occurs, which might provide some details.