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Is ITSM a concept or product name?

Nitin Gogna

Hi Guys,


          Cheers.. What I believe is that ITSM is a concept or idea or set of policies. According to Wikipedia also "No one author, organization, or vendor owns the term "IT Service Management" and the origins of the phrase are unclear." Then how can BMC use ITSM use it as a product name? Why we say that ITSM 7.5 is the latest version released by BMC? I dont think we can use ITSM term as a product name.

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    Rakesh Jajper

    Hi Nitin,


    Good question, Please have a look on below mentioned test, I hope

    this will provide you more clarity.



    IT Service Management is the management of IT services to support one or more business

    areas. As organizations have become more dependent upon IT to support their core

    business, so the demand for high quality, cost effective IT services has also increased. IT

    service providers, whether in-house or external, face increasing pressure from Customers

    and increasing competition from other providers.

    The adoption of IT Service Management disciplines and processes will facilitate a continuous

    improvement in the quality of IT services, aimed at achieving and maintaining best value

    whilst remaining in line with changing business requirements. The disciplines are described

    in the IT Infrastructure Library(ITIL), which defines “best practice” processes and procedures.


    Means ITIL has defined some best Practice Processes and procedures which are implemented by BMC

    in the form of ITSM.






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    Nitin Gogna

    Hi Rakesh,


    Thanks so much for your reply. Ya, it helped me a lot to understand the story behind ITSM and ITIL but I still have one doubt left. I know BMC has applied ITIL in the form of ITSM but can any other company also apply ITIL with same name as ITSM? Means, ITSM is patented brand name of BMC or its just a generic term which anybody can use whoever developes an application applying ITIL theories?



    Nitin Gogna

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    Rakesh Jajper

    Hi Nitin,


    Just go to the link I hope it will clear all your doubts:





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    Anix NameToUpdate

    Hi Nitin,


    Important point here is BMC sells the suite with the name BMC Remedy ITSM and not just ITSM,

    Any other vender can also use ITSM in its product name. check following links which are from HP




    As far as just ITSM (IT Service Management) is considered it is just a discipline and this term can not be trademark.

    Various vendors can sell there suites of products which are for IT Service management.


    - Anix
    Vyom Labs, India.
    (A BMC Software Solution partner)

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    Rakesh Jajper

    Hi Nitin,


    I do agree with anix comments, IBM has also dveloped a

    Tivoli software, comprising ITIL Concepts.

    just go to Link: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/common/ssi/sa/wh/n/gmw14014usen/GMW14014USEN.PDF



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    Shantanu Ballal

    ITSM is a concept of managing all the operations related to IT within an industry of any kind . It could be in any domain which are using IT infrastructure.About product name its as mentioned by anix. any company can use the term ITSM as its a concept and not a trademark of any organization. Its like any other concept like supply chain mgmt is a concept and not a product name but the companies like oracle is using Oracle SCM as product name but its just the concept so any other organization can make a product on SCM and name it against there company name .

    Thats all what i think is if I am wrong please correct me.



    Shantanu Ballal