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    Not able to parse Authorization Header parameter.

    Ravi Kumar
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      after getting the token successfully am making a call to an API to fetch details of an user with a query string containing the telephone number and i get the errorNot able to parse Authorization Header parameter. it works fine on Postman


      var yhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

      yhttp.open('GET', 'https://remproditsm.broadridge.net/api/arsys/v1/entry/CTM:People?q=%27Phone%20Number%20Business%27%20%3D%20%22%2B12017149030%22');

         yhttp.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer' + response);



      Note, i have tried both with and without 'AR-JWT' before the token with the space, same error.

      i have also tried setting the request header to application/json, this was told to me by Remedy team and same error


      I also tried to copy the code directly from Postman and then i get the below error

      "Qualification line error"