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    Dashboards error

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      When trying to access dashboards the following error message is received:


      BMCBSD000019: An error occurred while retrieving data from the data source.

      7ZZZZZZZZ1a3F42wEEK80fq0a3p2k66l: java.sql.SQLException: A system exception has occurred. 

        at /shared/BMC_DIL/Internal/ViewInfoSupport/GetViewInfo (line 15)

        caused by: An exception occurred while invoking the custom procedure

          "/shared/BMC_DIL/Internal/BmcDilProcs/DilLockCursor": Failed to get connection to internal

          database. (com.compositesw.extension.CustomProcedureException)  [cproc-1900005]  [script-1900011]

      Any thoughts of why this may be happening? I've opened up an issue with support but also wanted to check here.


      Jason Harper

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          Matt Laurenceau

          hope things now work for you (my Dashboards 2.5 works great)

          Can you pls share tips you've learnt ?

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            I have to agree with Matt, go for the newest version of Dashboards if you aren't already on it.


            I am on the original version and am surprised its still going! Very flakey and errors are common!

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              Hello, I am the execution owner for BSM Dashboards.  I am interested in your feedback on some of the issues that you have encountered.  Any details would be appreciated.  Also let me know what version you are using and the environment.


              Best Regards,


              Billy Lowe

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                Hi Billy,


                It's nothing personal about the Dashboards!


                We are currently running v2.0 and its hosted on one of our Mid Tier Servers.


                There is an issue with Performance on the Admin side, creating views and pods alike do take a fair amount of time to create, especially if you miss-configure one and have to amend it! Also when your creating about 20pods it isnt great!


                Some times the Data View button doesnt appear at all when you go to create pods.When you actually go into the views themselves, lots of views will show with a status of error but they will actually work which is quite bizarre.




                Data view error: dbo/HPD_Help_DeskDashboards3NAA-ALL/Assigned_Support_Organization has changed type from VARCHAR(120) to sysname
                dbo/HPD_Help_DeskDashboards3NAA-ALL/Assigned_Group has changed type from VARCHAR(120) to sysname
                dbo/HPD_Help_DeskDashboards3NAA-ALL/Site has changed type from VARCHAR(120) to sysname


                And another thing moving forward is that if and when i move to 2.5 then there is no way of migrating all the existing pods/views over.


                I'm sorry to sound negative, i think the Dashboards are a great tool and when i visited BMC before christmas for a Demo i was impressed with the new look.


                I will be looking to upgrade when i get the time to do so!



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                  Hi Matt,


                  Billy may still respond, but let me chime in here with what I know:


                  1. The 2.5.00 has a new patent-pending guided flow for creating custom pods that may please you

                  2. The known issue with Data Views has been resolved in 2.5.00, and the message you documented (which is spurious) should also no longer appear.

                  3. Upgrading should preserve everything except for any modifications you have made to default dashboard templates or default roles.  Your Custom Data Sources/Data Views/Pods should be retained.


                  Ensure that you view and act upon the Technical Bulletin on the Support Web Site, as well as the Release Notes and Installation Guide before commencing the upgrade, and you should be problem free.




                  Lead TSA

                  BMC Dashboards for BSM  

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                    Hi Jim,


                    Thanks for the update! I'm happy that we will be able to upgrade inheriting the new things i've created! Out vendor said it wasnt possible!


                    I will for sure be looking into this in the near future