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    Track-It! email conversation and business rules

    Mark Saacks
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      I understand that the email conversation functionality automatically updates tickets with email replies that feature the ticket ID.


      According to the article How Email Converstation works in Track-It! 20.xx

      " The Track-it updates the ticket checking the variable {Ticket - Ticket ID} either in the subject or in the body of the email.

      If this variable  exist in the body of the email ,Track-it will append the existing ticket instead of creating a new one as it is the default behavior of Track it.

      Any business rule will only happen after the default email conversation behavior runs."


      Based on this comment, am I correct to assume that email business rules should still apply once the conversation has been updated?

      I'm trying to perform additional actions based on the reply email, but once the "email conversation rule" has been applied it doesn't seem like an additional business rule can be applied to that same email?




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          Richard Rowe

          Hi Mark


          I hope you're safe and well.


          A very good question.


          From what I see in 20.20.02 is the email behaviour appears to be different. Previously, business rules for incoming emails to convert to tickets would have conditions like "does not contain Ticket Status" or "does not contain Update Ticket". The notification would then encourage a link that would have "Update" or "Status" in the subject line, to emulate the 11.x actions.


          It now looks like it's hard coded to check the ticket id, so a reply will simply check this variable in the subject or body and associate with the ticket.


          I note with release 2, if installed from new and not upgraded from a previous version, still has some conditions (e.g. for Change Mgt Approval), so I suspect that some conditions can be respected if this business rule is customised.


          Additional Business Rules is an interesting one.


          Could you share what you are wanting to achieve from a subsequent rule? I'm happy to try it out over here.





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            Mark Saacks

            Hi Ricky


            This is what I'm trying to achieve for our customer but haven't been able to get it to work (yet)...


            The client creates a ticket and assigns it to an external service provider (Technician).  The email notification sent to the provider includes the Track-It! Ticket ID.


            The service provider then sends a reply with a reference number that has been generated by their service desk.


            The return email updates the Ticket Notes as the Track-It! Ticket ID is included.  So far so good.


            I have a custom text field in the Ticket form for "Service Providers Reference".


            The 2 things I am trying to achieve are:

            1) Automatically populate the Service Providers Reference field with their ticket reference number.  I'm trying to do this using the Extract function as the body of their email will contain "Incident number is INC0000012345" .  (Otherwise the client will have to cut and paste from the Ticket Notes.)

            2) Automatically update the Responded field with the time of the reply receipt, so that we can check that the response has been received within the SLA.


            It sounds like this should be possible but maybe I'm missing something.  Maybe you'll have better luck with this!




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              Mark Saacks

              work in progress...


              As described by Cris Coffey I can get my business rule to work if I remove references to the default ticket format: [Ticket-  ] from the emails.  As an example instead of using [Ticket-204] I use Ticket-204].  So this works for my use case.


              But the problem then is that without having [Ticket- ] in my emails the automatic recording of the email conversation no longer works, which is also a requirement.

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                Mark Saacks

                If only we could create a Business Rule that takes data from the Ticket Notes and updates the Ticket...

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                  Cris Coffey

                  Email conversation will automatically append the text as a note.


                  If I were doing this, I would stop trying to use an "Email Received" rule and try to use a "Ticket Updated" rule using conditions that fit the situation and try to perform the actions then. That way email conversation still works and your additional updates occur after. I think this may be a better strategy than trying to fight with the email conversation rule which is always going to win in order to ensure a user reply is always captured.

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                    Mark Saacks

                    Thanks Cris.  I'll try a "Ticket Updated" rule but not sure if that will allow me to extract specific data from the email message (specifically the service providers reference)?

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                      Cris Coffey

                      Unfortunately the email will be processed and gone by then. Where is the "service providers reference" in the email?  Is it in the body of the email?  If so, that should already be in the Notes of the ticket.

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                        Mark Saacks

                        The reference number is in the body of the email so it will be in the Notes.  But I am trying to automatically populate a custom field that we have for the reference number.


                        I think this would also help us to determine when the response is received, so as to compare it to the Expected Response time.   

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                          Cris Coffey

                          This is going to get rather complex but you may be able to look for a Modified By of System Account, meaning the email conversation update, then if you see that, trigger the rule that would then look at the Notes of the ticket for the information you need to populate the field. I am not 100% sure this will work but it is worth exploring.

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                            Richard Rowe

                            Hi Cris


                            So I can see the mechanism has now changed.


                            A new email comes in, a system event runs the mail listen and then looks to see what "new mail received" business rules are true in order to create the ticket. All good.


                            Then if the rule sends notification to the user and they reply, as long as [Ticket ID] is in the subject or the body, it will then append this to the ticket. All good.


                            The way it does this is via a system event, it will not fire off any business rules.


                            With this in mind, all that's happening to the ticket is the ticket notes are being updated. How does a technician, for example, get notification (within TI or otherwise) that the ticket has been updated by the end user?


                            I was trying to locate an update on a ticket note that would allow an update on the actual ticket, but there isn't an option.


                            Slightly, off piste, but does relate to the challenge Mark has.





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                              Cris Coffey

                              This has been this way since the new platform launched. An email response from a Requestor responding to an email originally sent from Track-It! through email conversation (meaning the technician clicked the "Email" button inside the ticket) will always be read in and appended as a note and no other rules will be applied because it was a conversation initiated by the Technician using the Email button inside the ticket.


                              If you have other rules that send notifications like notify requestor or techncian on ticket updates, you can customize those to contain the special "Email Convsation" delimiters or not, depending on how you want to handle replies to those notifications. I hope this helps clarify.