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    Incident reply - Email alert for Staff member + avoiding double up

    Zarraffa's Coffee
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      I've just set up an email alert that is sent out when an incident receives a reply from the client. I'm just having a couple of issues with it and was hoping for some advice on how/if they can be resolved -


      1. In the "recipients" section of the Email Alert, I have selected "Incident Owner" as the recipient. It seems that this field actually views the "Queue" field on incidents as the owner however, rather than the "Staff" field. As such, these email alerts are being sent to all members of the relevant Queue that the ticket is assigned to, rather than the individual Staff member taking care of it. Is it possible to change this so that only the assigned staff member receives the notification?


      2. It seems that the initial creation of a ticket is currently being viewed as a "reply", so when a new incident is created we are receiving our default "New Ticket Created" alert, but it is also triggering the new alert and sending all Tier 1 members a second email advising that the new ticket has received a client reply. I'm considering changing it so that new tickets are not assigned to Tier 1 by default to see if that resolves the issue, but just wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions first.


      Thanks in advance for any advice!