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    Issue in my Syncmapping TPL

    Ajay Purushothaman
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      Hi Team,

      We would like to sync our Location attribute in Discovery to Site value in CMDB under BMC_ComputerSystem Class

      So i have created a pattern for this and uploaded it was working fine as expected.

      But on our regular scan interval the CMDB queue goes very high and many CIs fails in CMDB sync and it shows me an error message like "ERROR (48774): ; Company is required if Organization Information or Location Information is filled in. Please select a Company."

      And the Currently progressing sync also goes "Idle".

      So i deactivated my syncmapping TPL and tested it. And everything was perfect and CIs report to CMDB without any error.

      So i have attached my syncmapping TPL , Please review it and let me know what changes i should make.


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          Deepika Gautam

          Were you using Multitenancy before, to set Company Name?

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            Lisa Keeler

            Your Syncmapping pattern is OK.


            The error comes from the AR Server / CMDB.


            It is telling you that if you specify a "Site" attribute, you also must specify a valid "Company" attribute.


            That is why Deepika is asking how the Company name is being set...  It should be set using the multi-tenancy feature.


            Sometimes, a Continuous Sync will run just fine (and will set Company) because Company is specified for each Discovery Run.

            But, a Complete Resync could fail to set the "Company" because older scans didn't specify a Company.

            (An Incremental Resync will probably be successful because only the currently-scanned nodes are actually updated in the CMDB after the Incremental Resync is performed).


            The problem with a Complete Resync is a little complicated.

            We have a KA about the problem, and Support can help you with it.

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