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    19.08 cmdb portal URL access issue

    Pawan K
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      Hi Experts- I am facing a strange issue. I updated the jetty-http.xml file to configure SSL to run on port 8008.

      Once done am able to access cmdb portal url as:- https://<<LBName>>:8008/cmdb/index.html On IE and Edge browser.

      But for same URL in chrome browsser Iam getting error as:- the site cant be reached. ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED.


      Any suggestions s to how to resolve this.

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          Adam Lawson

          Sounds like to me there might be a issue with the certificate you're using.  Does Chrome use a different certificate store than Windows does?  (I know Edge and IE use Window's certificate store).


          I know on Firefox (my daily driver) when I use unsigned certificates I have to import it directly into Firefox, just importing it into the OS doesn't work.

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            Pawan K

            Will check if the chrome uses different certificate store.For certificates I got the certificate from internal enterprise certification authority. I created a keystore and used keytool to import the certificate into the keystore and in the windows store(using mmc)

            Not sure what am I missing or what went wrong

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              Adam Lawson

              The Windows "certmgr" is used by the OS to store certificates.  The client application still has to use that in order for it to make any impact.  I know Firefox has its own certificate manager.



              As you can see in this example I have several remedy labs I've used where I had to import these certificates into the Firefox certificate manager.  I've never imported this into the Windows manager as I never use IE or Edge.  I assume the same will be true for Chrome.


              In that same way, Java does not use the Windows certificate manager in the same way either.  It has its own keystore.

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                Pawan K

                correct, java has its own cert manager "cacerts" where all the certs are stored. but whats puzzling me is that I can access remedy mid tier, dwp,smartit using https in chrome without importing any of these certs in browser. the issue only seems to be with cmdb portal. Not sure if there is some other settings for jetty ssl to be accessible in chrome.

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                  Andreas Mitterdorfer

                  Can you try accessing the ar server directly and not via loadbalancer?

                  Is there a difference when you use ip address of lb/ars instead of name?

                  Have you tried in incognito mode aswell?

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                    Pawan K

                    Tried to access the url from within the server but still same behavior. tried in incognito mode too but still no luck. nothing in the logs too.

                    tried to create new keystore using java keytool and kse guo but nothing helped. finally raised ticket with bmc support. no clue whats going wrong.