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    Issues with operational rule

    Gavin Ross
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      Not sure if anyone has come across this before. We have an operational rule that will copy a file from the Master to all clients and then perform the installation from the local system. The problem that I am having is that the rule only works for the first 10 clients that try and copy the file, all the others will fail. If I manually run 10 at a time, they all work, but any more, they fail. I have checked the share limitations and that is set to unlimited, so it's not a file share issue. This is the error that we get in the logs;


      2020/09/01 14:35:00 Desktop Shortcuts     W   Failed to copy file C:\Download\DesktopShortcut.vbs from SMB://domain\installuser:*****@server01:/fileshare$\DesktopShortcuts.vbs

      2020/09/01 14:35:00 Desktop Shortcuts      ERR [7872] Execution Phase: Step 1: copyfile.chl failed with error : Failed to read file from source


      If I run it again and there is less than 10 of the same rule running, it will work fine.


      Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?