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    Triggering Filter with a service action from a Active Link

    Sri Vardhan
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      Hi All,


      I am trying to trigger a filter when a button is clicked


      Explnantion: There is a button called "Open Link". When we click on this link this actions will perform.


                          1. In the actions of the Active Link, service action was used and in the Input Mapping is given as


                        Output mapping is mentioned as


      So, when the button is clicked, an active link will run and this make a filter fire which has a Run if qualification as "Button clicked=done".


      Coming to the filter, I have used one set field with WEBSRVICE


      In the input, I have given few fields like Entri_ID, Adrress, Cust name. In the Output mapping I have given mentioned one field, where an link will be sent by the external application(This applications WSDL file was used in the WEBSERVICE).


      2. secound action on the button is the link which is sent from the external source will be opened in a new window. For this I have used PERFORM-ACTION-OPEN-URL $Webkit Link$.



      Error: I am facing the following Error:


      ke elokuuta 19 2020 16:39:46.1180 */  Checking "webkit_link_filter" (500)
              --> Passed -- perform actions
              0 : Set Fields
             /* ke elokuuta 19 2020 16:39:46.2950 */ **** Error while performing filter action. Error Number: 9130
             /* ke elokuuta 19 2020 16:39:46.2950 */ ERROR (9130): Error encountered while executing a Web Service.; Internal service error occurred



      Can anyone please help me to clear the above error. (Note: The above mentioned filter is working on sumbit action and  I am get the link from other application). Issue while using the exceuation option as Service in filter.