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    Smart Reporting: Feature Quesion - alerting

    Robert Kern
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      Dear community,


      I have a short question about Smart Reporting features - I have not used Smart Reporting yet, therefore have only basic knowledge about the product so far.


      Use Case:

      • We like to have a dashboard or report - which shows a certain set of Incidents (for example Priority 1 Incidents).


      • Supporters and none Supporters should be able to "subscribe" to this dashboard / report.


      • Whenever there is a modification of an Incident in included in this dashboard / report (for example status change in one of the Incidents), then an email should be triggered to all people subscribed to that dashboard / report.


      My aim is to find out of something like that may or may not be possible with Smart Reporting in principle.


      Thank you all!




      Sebastian Maschauer

      Martin Hammermann

      Jean Christophe

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          Sinisa Mikor

          While Smart Reporting isn't necessarily the primary tool designed to perform such notification (they are usually performed by product Smart Reporting is reporting on -- e.g. Remedy), report could be expanded with some indicator of change or another report could be created in Smart Reporting to track changes of those incidents (e. g. by collecting audit logs from specified time interval) and one of them could be scheduled to run and broadcast frequently (as often as every minute) to issue notifications either continuously or only when alerting conditions are met (e. g. indicator of change in report in former case is set, or report in latter case contains records).

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            Robert Kern

            Thank you Sinisa for your posting and information.


            I will have a deeper look into the mentioned "Broadcast Feature".



            A great rest of the week all,