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    Triggering jobs to import data into BMC CMDB in 20.02 (or 9.1 - 19.x for that matter)

    Jason Miller
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      Hello everybody,


      TL;DR:  Having trouble finding the proper version of the download files. Can NE, RE and AI jobs still be reliability triggered in 20.02?


      I have a flow where I need to trigger RE -> NE -> AI jobs from an initial AI job. The use case is I am importing Assets with AI (into AST:ComputerSystem using an AR Output step) and need to create a Supported By relationship to allow people to manage the Asset's status and location without giving them all Asset Admin permissions.


      As we all know (at least I think I know), the AST People relationships can only be created once the asset has a ReconciliationIdentity. This means I need to create the assets in a staging dataset, normalize, and then run an ID Recon job before I can create people relationships via AI. I don't think this is a rare use case but it does appear that I have to reinvent the wheel here since the product does not have a pre-configured way to do this (out side of spreadsheet loads, which is not an option in this case).


      So in doing some research I found a docs.bmc.com pages titled "Triggering jobs to import data into BMC CMDB". This is just what I need! I downloaded the files for 20.02 but the only file in the netrigger.zip is arapi90_build0001.jar. It is missing the "runNEJob.bat" file that is mentioned in the docs page.





      I went backwards to the 19.x and 18.x pages and the downloaded zip files are the same. You can tell just by the size of the downloaded files.



      The highest version download where I get more that one file is in 9.1 (not 9.1.04). But that has 8.0 binaries!



      So I go to 9.0 to find one with matching version binaries. Unfortunately this is a bit older libs than I really want to use on a 20.02 system.



      Q: Is anybody triggering jobs in 20.02?


      Q: Are you using old binaries?


      Q: Are these steps still valid in the most recent versions?


      Q: If so, can these doc.bmc.com pages be updated with the correct downloads?






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          Jason Miller

          I thought about this a little bit more and working through it, it appears only the Normalization job is affected by the missing files.


          <thought some more...>


          I opened up the runNEJob.bat file that was in the 9.0 .zip file and it occurred to me there really wasn't any magic happening. It is just calling a java process and outputting to a log file. I thought "hey, I recognize those .jar files" and realized they are already in the CMDB install.


          I copied the current versions of the files listed in the 9.0 batch file (i.e. cmdbapi91.jar, arapi91_build009.jar, etc.) to the netrigger directory and saved a new copy of the batch with updated .jar references. The only "code" file I needed from the 9.0 zip that wasn't already in the install was TestBatch.class.


          I called an NE job via the new batch file and can see the run in the CMDB Portal under history. I think I am good to go.


          It would still be really, really nice for the documentation to link to valid downloads.

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