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    CRQ to WO at Status Condition

    Naeem Moolla
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      Good day


      I have built 2 AOTs - one as a change template and another as a Work Order template.

      The CRQ is kicked off on submission of the request.


      I need the WO to kick off once the CRQ reaches Planning in Progress status.


      I have already defined Change Request Status and added it as Target Data:

      Change Request Status.png


      Change Request Status is mapped as Output to 'Status' on my PDT:

      Status Mapping.png


      Condition is set as follows:


      status planning progress.png


      The CRQ generates, and I am able to approve and move it along to Planning in Progress, however, the WO doesn't then generate at this status.


      Am I missing something? Is this doable? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.