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    BMC Discovery Issues with scan.

    Gustavo Petruff
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      Hi everyone.

      For the past weeks I have been creating a virtual lab in my machine with BMC Discovery, Windows Server, CentOS and OpenSUSE for study purposes.

      For some reason all scans for the Virtual Machines don`t work and I get the endpoint dropped just like in this topic: https://communities.bmc.com/message/832771#832771 .

      Just to make things clear I have installed and configured the proxy tool in windows and the Discovery is authorized .

      When I run the credential tests in the servers the tests are running successfully.

      I have also performed network tests from the Discovery server with the tideway user and tests with nmap, telnet and ping are also running just fine.

      It`s worth mention that all virtual machines are in bridge mode.

      But still all scans from discovery are ending with endpoint dropped.

      Can anyone help me ?

      Thanks !