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    Service Request Fulfillment

    Lorraine Sanner
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      We have a few Service Requests that we ask managers to submit on behalf of their teams.  They select the employee name through a lookup filter that displays the employee name and email address.  When the form is complete, we only see the name and not the email address or a link to the person record. This can be time consuming since we do not know which Mike Smith they're requesting the change for without the email address.


      Is there a way to display the user name and email without having to ask for the managers to enter one manually?


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          Joshua Lenning

          Not that I know of but a workaround you could do.  Create new field on incident "Selected Employee" (or whatever you want to call it).

          Add this field somewhere on the Incident layout, client section perhaps? 

          Update your SRDs where this is the issue, and Map the user Lookup field on the SR to the new Incident field "Selected Employee".

          When you look at the submitted SR, you can hover over the little "contact card" to see the specific user and their email.


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            kedar zavar

            Are you using out of box "Submit for others" / Request for others"  or is this on form?


            If custom field -  just map this to actual client id (works great )or create a new field called submitted for as look up and use that to get more user atributes.


            Lorraine Sanner


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              Amit Jaiswal

              Hi Lorriane,


              If you want the information on the Console - Service Request form, then just add the "Client Email" field available on the Incident object to the field set (most likely General Service Request Information field set, to show that email field on the form. This field is automatically populated with the correct email address of the Client on whose behalf the ticket is raised.

              Alternatively, the mouse hover rich info shows all other details and is configurable as well:


              If you want the same info on the Self Service side (for the submitters or others) after the record is created, you can configure that as well:

              1. Create a field set eg. Extra Info  on Incident form (or use any existing one which is used in configuration in Step 3.

              2. Add the following fields in the field set


              3.  Go to Rf Administration ->Configure Self Service ->  Service Request. Select the field set "Extra Info" (or whatever you used) in the following configuration:


              4. Save and Reload the Self Service tab and check, you can see the client ID and email address on form in the Details section (at the end)

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