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    Send In App Notification

    Peter Lundqvist
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      When I use "Send In App Notification" in DWP workflow the notifications appear in DWPC, not in the DWP frontend.

      This seems wrong to me, is there some configuration that I have missed?


      This is on DWP 20.02.01, by the way.

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Hallo Peter,

          "Send in App Notification" is only intended to provide a notification to DWP-C admins and not the end users. I think that you will find the "Create Activity Log" activity in the workflow does what you want. This allows you to create what is effectively a "Workinfo" record that can be pushed back to DWP and the end user if needed. Set the visibility to "Public" if it should be visible in DWP (default is "Internal" and then it is only visible in DWP-C).

          Note that if you have created any Incidents, Work Orders or changes in ITSM from the DWP-C workflow, then public activity logs are also pushed into these tickets as Workinfo records in the ITSM ticket.



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            Peter Lundqvist

            Great answer! Thank you very much!