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    SRM Surveys for requests submitted through DWP (Imported from SRM or native SB)

    Radoslav Georgiev
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      Not sure if anyone else faced this challenge, but I need to make the SRM surveys (surveys after a request is completed) to work when the request is made by submitting through either SB Service or SRD imported in SB.

      I checked the logs and the filters (SRM:REQ:Status_Completed_XXX_Survey_CreateSurvey) creating a record in SRM:Survey triggered on the SRM:Request record changing its status to Complete. The filters' qualification though, requires some values in the Request record not to be NULL, for example CSQ_Instance_ID != NULL.

      My plan is to play with the workflow and make it work for all requests in the SRM:Request form, but I want to check if anyone knows a more elegant solution?


      This is on Helix, 19.02.


      Thank you!


      - Rado