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    Service Outage

    Gary Jackson
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      i normally work with incidents and service requests so i need a little help outside of this.


      we have planned maintenance and down time on are head office network connection meaning it will be down for a set period.


      i would like to know where in remedyforce this would sit.


      1. if i create a broadcast users and staff can see this and we can link incidents to the broadcast but i am unable to link a service
      2. if i create a service outage users and staff can also see (via service health) and i can link a service but we cannot link and incidents coming in?


      so should i create a broadcast, service outage, both or does this sit with in problem or change management?


      any pointers would be good as we look after multiple sites and this happens on a regular basis.





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          Nikhil Deshpande

          It depends on how frequently you want to communicate with your end-users when a service is unavailable. If it is just a matter of communicating with them in advance, a broadcast may be sufficient. Also, if linking incidents is important, broadcasts is the way to go. Broadcasts are displayed in the header in Self Service and Console, attracting the attention of the users.


          Service Health must be invoked from Self Service. It allows the service management team to issue regular communications throughout the duration of an outage. For unplanned outages, this is important to set expectations with end-users. For planned outages also this may be important if the outage is expected to exceed the planned duration of the outage.


          Depending on the merits of each solution you may decide what's best for your organization.