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    How to e-mail a Control-M Report Job File?

    Marouen Kahia
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      Hi !


      I managed to execute a Control-M Report Job correctly, I'm very happy with that

      Now, I would like to share the pdf file, which the job generated, by e-mail. Is there a way to do it from Control-M?

      Control-M Version 9.0.19


      Thanks in advance.


      Marouen !

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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi Marouen,


          With v19 the reports are generated and stored on EM Server host. (by default for 10 days)

          When you generate a report the output includes the URL to download the report, so you can include that URL in your emails and the recipients can each download the report that way.


          Another option is to use the Control-M Reports AI Report Job (developed by David Fernandez ) that out-of-the-box allow you to:

          1. Capture the email URL and include it in the output

          2. Download the report to the Agent host where you run the report jobs from. This way you can:

          - store the reports for longer than 10 days

          - use a third party tool (like mailx if you run on Linux) to run a successor job that emails the report as an attachment.

          (Control-M itself can't attach files, other than the Job Output File, to emails that it sends)




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