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    mquery giving error BMC_TS-IMC330011E

    Raghava PH
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      Hello Experts,


      I'm trying to take backup of selector and policy using shell script and I'm getting this error "mquery: MQUERY: BMC_TS-IMC330011E: Switch -Q or - or input files cannot be combined with any of -d -a -w -s -x -i -o" below is the script.




      echo "mquery started"

      current_dir=$PWD;cd /data/bmc/TrueSight/pw/server/bin/; ./mquery -n pncell_********* -q -d -a SELECTOR -x "data_handle,mc_udid,mc_creation_time,mc_modification_time,mc_modification_requestor,mc_modification_request_time" -f BAROC > /apps/selector/selector.baroc ARGS;cd $current_dir;

      exit 0


      Kindly help me where i'm going wrong.



      Raghava PH