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    Execution of Filter at one particular point.

    Sri Vardhan
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      There are 3 Forms. 1:- 24 hours Entry

                                      2:- Checking Form

                                      3:- Send Email


      There are 2 filters firing on the above 3 forms. When Filter A fires, data pushes from "24 hours Entry" form to "Checking Form"(One field pushed:- Filed name is 'Group'). This filter runs at execution order 600.


      Now, there is another filter B. When B fires, data must be pushed from  "Checking Form" to "Send Email" . The qualification in the filter B is ('Group' = XYZ.). 'Group' is pushed into "Checking Form" when filter A fired. Filter B execution order is 500.. Both Filter A and B has one if action(Push).


      Triggering of Filter B is dependent on Filter A. When filter A pushes 'Group' as  XYZ into "Checking Form" ,then, the qualification of the filter B is being satisfied as ('Group' = XYZ) and if filter B  is fired, data will be  pushed into "Send Email " form


      Problem occurring:-


      Filter B is failing to trigger. Because, Filter B is firing 1st and it is failing as qualification failed ('Group' = XYZ is not set at the time execution of filter B).  Then after execution of Filter B, Filter A is executed, and setting the value as 'Group' = XYZ. As, Filter B is already fired(failed) and the qualification  ('Group' = XYZ ) which is required to fire filter B is being satisfied(set) after execution of Filter B. So, Filter B failed to trigger.


      I tried by changing the execution order. But didn't worked....


      I found in the logs that Filter B is showing in "Start filter processing (phase 1)"

      Filter A is firing after " Restart of filter processing (phase 2)"


      Please help me such that Filter B should fire after Filter A.... So, 1st Filter A will trigger, then it will set the value ('Group' = XYZ ). And, this value will be a qualification for firing filter B.As qualification matches, Filters B will be triggered.


      Thanks in Advance.