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    Inserting 'Additional Information' into Change Request created from Ticket

    Vincent Gonzalez
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm new to TrackIT and have been tasked with configuring some change management automation. Currently, I have configured a Change Policy that will generate a Change Request based on a certain Ticket Category. A user will log a ticket in the Self-Service Portal using the specified category, then a ticket will be generated within Track-It. Track-It automatically creates a Change Request linked to the ticket. This is all working OK, I think. From there, an email gets kicked out to the correct approver. Great.


      The problem I'm running into is that the information entered about the approval request, which is the Additional Information field in the initial ticket, doesn't make it over to the Change Request when that is auto-generated. As such, when the approver receives an email with the Change Request details, it's not possible to see the additional info. It also doesn't show up in the Self-Service portal when logging in to approve or reject the request. How can I get this info from the 'Additional Information' field to transfer from the initial ticket to the change request, then be included in the email to the approver?


      Hope that's clear! Thanks for the help!