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    Send e-mail when end user adds notes

    Dave Curzio
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      Just went live with the newest TrackIt yesterday.  So far I am happy to say that the customization has done well.  There is one thing I am trying to figure out.


      I would like to create a business rule that basically says if the requestor of a ticket updates the ticket with ticket notes, to notify the assigned technician.  I can handle the notification part, I am having a problem on the identification part.  I was thinking a rule that looked something like this:


      When Ticket is updated:


      • If Requestor e-mail address is not blank
      • and Status Type = O
      • and Status has not changed
      • and Assigned to Technician has not changed
      • and Last Note Date changed
      • (this is the rule I can't figure out how to define) -> and Last Note update = Requestor


      Basically I only want this rule to e-mail the technician for any updates the requestor makes to the notes.  The way the requestor makes notes in our system is by responding to the automatically generated e-mails that Track-It sends.  Hope that makes sense.

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          Cris Coffey

          If they only way the user can add a note is through email, then the ticket would be updated last by "System Account". So keep all the conditions you already have and add that as the last condition and it should get you what you want.

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            Thomas Deliduka

            It wouldn't be their only way, but with our previous version of Track-It, this is how all users responded to tickets so it is what they know. I'm going to test this out and see if it works for me. Thanks!

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              Thomas Deliduka

              This is what I get in my tests:


              If the person responds to an e-mail. The Business Rule Event Viewer registers a "system event" and I immediately get an e-mail stating that has:

              Ticket update: #12620

              The following email was appended to Ticket #12620 which is currently assigned to you.

              This email was received from '<email>' on 5/4/2020 10:32 AM.

              <NOTE APPENDED>


              But it doesn't seem this is associated with any business rule at all. I have looked through them all.


              Then I created my business rule based on the above and it works great, so I get two e-mails. (so it appears it doesn't need to be created).


              Lastly, the "Notify the technician on ticket update by other technician" rule runs and lets me know that: The ticket 12620 has been updated by SYSTEMACCOUNT with Summary as "<summary>".


              So, I copied this and disabled the original note and added as a rule: Last User, does not equal, SystemAccount  - but the rule runs anyway. So I must have that somehow formatted wrong?

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                Dave Curzio



                What field to I use in conjunction with "System Account"?  Last User? 

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                  Thomas Deliduka

                  I used Last User.  But I find that I'm getting an e-mail when someone responds via e-mail anyway. But I just don't know how. there is no business rule for it.


                  BTW, my last mention of the duplicated rule I modified, I fixed that. I accidentally use or instead of and.

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                    Dave Curzio

                    This is not at all working as expected.  It works perfect if the user e-mails in and the ticket is updated.  In that case the technician gets an e-mail as expected.  If I update the ticket from within TrackIt, the technician is notified, which shouldn't be happening since my account is not the system account:


                    Log from the rule being processed:


                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:16.3398 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | put_RULE_SEQ | Get Rule Sequence value'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.0742 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Execute | Started executing Instance of Business Rule '1 - Notify technician when end user updates''

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.0742 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Evaluating 6 condition(s)'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.0898 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is SMTP:{Dave@Dave.com}Dave@Dave.com NOT EQUAL TO  ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.0898 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is O EQUAL TO O ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.1054 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is Open EQUAL TO Open ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.1210 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is Dave EQUAL TO Dave ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.1210 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is 5/4/2020 1:19:47 PM NOT EQUAL TO 5/4/2020 1:08:13 PM ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.1367 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Hmmmm, is SYSTEMACCOUNT EQUAL TO SYSTEMACCOUNT ?'

                    '6856 |2020-05-04 13:24:17.1367 | LMC-TRK | INFO | NAMMbl | Evaluate | Conditions evaluated to TRUE


                    Here is the log from the ticket which shows that SYSTEMACCOUNT is not the last user to update the ticket (notice I have the filter set to ALL):




                    Here are the rules:




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                      Cris Coffey

                      Last User should be the field but it sounds like you probably have a general "ticket updated" rule enabled which is emailing the technician any time the ticket is updated.

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                        Dave Curzio

                        I definitely do, but if you look at the second line of the log I posted you can see where it is specifically executing on the "1 - Notify technician when end user updates'' rule, and the result of the rule is true, which it isn't due to the screenshot that shows the last update was from me not SYSTEMACCOUNT

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                          Cris Coffey

                          I cant tell from the screen shot. Open the main help desk view and add the Last User field to that view and see what is says there. That should say whether it was updated by a technician or from the system. My guess is when you are modifying it, there is another rule being triggered for something else, causing the ticket to be updated by the rule (SystemAccount also) causing this rule to fire. It is really hard to troubleshoot this on the community through screen shots because there are a lot of variables. You might need to contact support and walk through it with someone on the phone if you cannot determine why this is happening.

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                            Dave Curzio

                            I had considered that as well.  That is why in my screenshot above I had changed the ticket details filter to ALL so it was showing all activity, both technician activity and system activity.  It is now many hours later and still the last update on the ticket is mine.


                            Before I contact support, I would like to try to come at this from a different direction.


                            I have a rule setup that basically says


                            When an end-user updates a ticket via e-mail, update the ticket with the details from the e-mail, and send them an e-mail that acknowledges their update.


                            I was going to add another step in that rule that says:


                            Also, send an e-mail to the assigned tech with the details


                            I couldn't find a way in the rule screen to send an e-mail to a variable (in this case the variable would be the e-mail address of the assigned technician).  Is there a way to do this?

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                              Cris Coffey

                              That last part can be tricky if it’s a brand new ticket and the technician isn’t assigned yet. Please try what I mentioned before about adding the Last User to the main help desk ticket screen and checking that. From your screen shot it looks like you are just viewing the notes within the ticket and who entered them. That is good info but it doesn’t tell you who last updated the main ticket, which the last user field would show, only from the main ticket view that shows all tickets.

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                                Dave Curzio

                                In my scenario this isn't a brand new ticket.  This is the user responding to an e-mail that the system generated for a ticket that is already assigned.  I don't see where I can use a variable for an e-mail address in the notification details of the send notification with details rule response.


                                As for your question about the Last User column I thought that selecting ALL on the ticket notes screen showed EVERYTHING (almost like an audit trail of the ticket), but I went ahead as you suggested and on the Open ticket screen within Help Desk I added the Last User field, and it shows my user ID (not System).

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                                  Cris Coffey

                                  The All on the notes shows all notes added. If the SystemAccount did something else like change a due date, that would be reflected in that Last User field and not in the notes. I understand it isnt a brand new ticket but the field we are trying to filter on is Last User which is on the main Ticket record, thus why I wanted you to check it from the main help desk view instead of inside the ticket. This is likely going to take some troubleshooting with tech support on the phone as I am not sure what the problem could be. There must be some condition causing it but its escaping me.