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    Get Entries By Query - How to Parse Data and Loop

    Judy Andrews
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      I have a scenario where I'm using Get Entries By Query (labeled Get CI Approvers in the picture below) to get all approvers on a CI whether it be a Support Group or an Individual.  I then want to send an approval to either the Individual or Support group, but I think I need to parse the data out of Get Entries By Query to do that.  I'm not really seeing any examples on how to effectively use the data returned in Get Entries By Query.


      The data returned from Get Entries By Query looks like this (4 approvers, mixed between people and support group).

      [{"Request_Type":"People","Entry ID":"000000000111202","PeopleGroup Form Entry ID":"PPL000000010064"},{"Request_Type":"People","Entry ID":"000000000111204","PeopleGroup Form Entry ID":"PPL000000010504"},{"Request_Type":"People","Entry ID":"000000000111301","PeopleGroup Form Entry ID":"PPL000000009721"},{"Request_Type":"Support Group","Entry ID":"000000000111602","PeopleGroup Form Entry ID":"SGP000000002411"}]


      Any ideas as to how would I be able to loop through each one of these records into the CI Approval step?  I'm guessing I need to use a multi-instance loop, but not sure where to put it or how to pass one record at a time through.