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    Workflow rule to only send email on SR status change

    Gary Jackson
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      it seems i am posting on here daily at the moment!

      but fear not I am learning the quirks of Salesforce and Remedy working together.


      Today I am trying to create a workflow rule with a simple email alert when a SR status changes.


      currently the OOTB flow did not work and I got multiple emails (when status did not change)


      so what I am getting is the following:


      SR submitted

           -- Email sent saying thanks for SR it is PENDING APPROVAL

      once approved

           --Email sent saying thanks SR is now APPROVED

      SR creates first task when i set task to COMPLETED

           --Email gets sent saying saying SR is APPROVED

      SR creates 2nd task set task to complete which sets SR to RESOLVED

           --3 emails get sent one says your SR is APPROVED next 1 says your SR is RESOLVED and the Final one says your SR has been (different template)


      so what I am trying to do is only send an email when the SR status actually changes


      i have tried  ISCHANGED(BMCServiceDesk__FKStatus__c ) and also PRIORVALUE(BMCServiceDesk__FKStatus__c)='APPROVED'

      workflow is set tot evaluate rule when recorded is created and everytime its edited


      im sure once again I am doing some thing wrong but im not sure why