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    Restrict Reports Access

      Hi all,


      I want to restict user access to remedy reports. Thus I created a new goup and assigned the specific users to this group.

      In help desk form I want Report Link (which is part of Left Navigation field) to appear to this group only. What permissions I should assign it to the group in Remedy Admin tool?


      I tried to assign help desk form to this group, but I'm getting the following error:

      "Group permissions have been removed from the object because the object is in a deployable application : schema: HPD:Help Desk (ARWARN 8984)."


      Please help..

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          since the form HPD:Help Desk is part of the deployable applicaiton "Remedy Incident Management" you'll have to map your new permission group to a role first. This is done in User Tool with the "Roles" form.


          So create a new entry in the Roles Form:



          Application Name: Remedy Incident Management

          Role Name: Incident Reporting (or similar)

          Role ID: -1234 (I'd use the negative number (group id) of the new incident reporting group

          Test: Group Name from Group Form

          Production: Group Name from Group Form


          After that you can set the Role (permission) on the corresponding navigaiton item on HPD:Help Desk.





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            Thanks. How do I add users to the created role??

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              Users are still given Permission groups, not roles.


              So you'll have to put the Group "Incident Reporting" or whatever you've called it (defined in Group Form)  into the users group list on the User form. ARS will than automatically map the corresponding role (used within the deployable application) for you.

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                thanks Marcus, that worked

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                  What he means is that you have to open the "Roles" form on your server.

                  Map the regular group you created to the Role you want members of that group to have.


                  The name of the group does not have to match the role, but it makes administration easier if they are somewhat similar.

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                    Leonard Warren

                    What about the Report link that you get within the Application Menu of Version 7.6.3 and higher?  Not sure what version of the product that you are using, but you would have to restrict the users from getting access to all of the links from all of the consoles - Change Management, Incident Management, IT Home Page, etc.  Pretty much you are dealing with an extensive customization requirement that you will have to perform.


                    You could go into the Report Form and change all of the permissions of the Reports from Public to a specific Permission group - this can be a computed or regular group - does not require a role - and limit accesses this way.  However, you would have to monitor this process or build workflow to change the Permission field from Public to the specific group when a record is created.


                    Just another thing to consider.


                    Hope this helps?