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    'Get Entry By Query' usage question

    Ezra Wise
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      Hello there,


      I am trying to grab the Entry ID (Request ID) of a record in the SB:ServiceRequestStub form using the 'Get Entry By Query' Remedy connector widget.


      Here is the config info:


      Connection ID: [Remedy]

      Form Name: "SB:ServiceRequestStub"

      Query: "'Target Application Entry ID' = ""${processContext.IncidentInterface ID}"""

      Retrieve Option: "FIRST"

      Fields to Retrieve: ([Inputs] from a Build Input Set)



      My Input Set looks like:


      When I try to display the [Output] from the GEBQ I get an empty string "{}":

      Note: the "IID:" value is the 'IncidentInterface ID' I use in the query, above.



      I'm not sure I ever used GEBQ successfully before, so I'm guessing that it is something simple that I'm missing.  Any and all help will be most appreciated!!