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    Microsoft AD LDAP integration - multiple domains

    Mark Lemar
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      I'm looking to integrate BMC Discovery with an MS AD LDAP implementation.


      This would be with a view to authenticating & authorizing users from multiple, trusted global domains.  I understand this may be an issue as per the following?


      ADDM: Can you configure LDAP to authorize users from multiple domains, or all users from the root domain?


      ADDM: Allow for multiple LDAP configurations


      However, through my testing, I have has some success in verifying access for users with accounts in different trusted domains, by using a Search Template in the following format


      (|(userPrincipalName=%(username)s@nam.globaldomain.biz.com)(userPrincipalName=%(username)s@emea.globaldomain.biz.com) (userPrincipalName=%(username)s@apac.globaldomain.biz.com))



      Are there any limitations in using a Search Template format such as this i.e. is there a field character limitation?

      Is there a variable/wildcard which could be use in place of the respective regional domain names?

      Are the domains searched in a particular order (left to right)?