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    Install Control-M/Agent on Windows 2016 via SCCM fails

    Dominik Wittig
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      I try to install Control-M/Agent on a Windows 2016 (Standard Edition) via SCCM. The Server is a virtal machine running on an ESX Host under vmWare.


      1. If I use a large configuration (1 CPU/4 Cores/48 GB Ram) I always get an error in the first place and I am only able to install the package in a retry after a reboot.
      2. If I use a smaller configuration (1 CPU/2 Cores/12 GB RAM) it will work in the first place without any errors.


      Does anyone have a similar problem or could provide a solution for this one?



      When I change the configuration the installation will run on different sized servers, e.g.:

      1. vmWare Server with 4 cores /4 CPU/ 8 GB Ram will work without any problems



      The error code  provided by SCCM is 80004005 which means 'something went wrong but I do not know what or why or where.'.