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    How to sync application names to CMDB

    Bo Zhang
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      Hello All,


      After we finish Application Modeling in ADDM all the include devices will have a “Tag” named as application name.

      It’s very useful when we want to identify it in CMDB so we want sync this tag to a field in the CMDB (BMC_BaseElement) no matter it’s a computer, software or database.

      So it will be very easy to search the application related devices in CMDB because all related components all has the same tag name.


      So how to get the information of this tag and synchronize it to a field of BMC_BaseElement when data synchronization?


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          Duncan Grisby

          Those "tags" are manual groups.


          If you name them "StaticApp: APP-12345" for example, then they will automatically be synchronized as BMC_Application CIs with the associated name.


          If you want to add a field (or fields to handle more than one?) to the CMDB in BMC_BaseElement, you can populate it with a syncmapping extension similar to the one that handles StaticApp groups.


          What exactly do you want to see in your CMDB?

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            Bo Zhang

            Hi Duncan,


            From the figure above, we can see that Host(Software and so on) has two group names.

            Our purpose is to synchronize "APP-12345;APP-54321" into a field of BMC_ComputerSystem(BMC_SoftwareServer ....).