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    Mid Tier - Tomcat issue

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      Hi All,


      Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year.


      I am running Tomcat 5.5.17 and over the past month or so i've notice a couple of random acts of the tomcat service just stopping.


      There doesnt appear to anything specific in the java logs. I have 2 load balanced web servers each running the service, 1 of  them is running fine however, the other one stops every now and then. I am not talking once a week, more like once a month maybe.


      Has anyone experienced this before?






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          Any updates been applied to the server or anything changed?

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            Bradley Murphy

            Hi Matt


            Yes I am having the same problem on my Midtier Server. I logged a call with BMC Support and got the following reply back from them:


            I reviewed the "hs_err_pid" file & found that Tomcat crashes on ARGetQualifier. I believe an upgrade to Midtier 7.1 patch 006 shall help to resolve the problem.


            However,  I shall confirm it with my Backline & Resolution Engineer. I shall update you soon about their view-point.



            I am still waiting for their reply, however I suggest you log a call with BMC Support.


            What Version of Midtier are you running ?



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              Thanks for the reply guys.


              We have done no changes to the mid teir at all. We are still running on 7.1.00 Patch 004


              Maybe an Mid tier upgrade my fix the issue. Does the mean its a Remedy issue rather than a java issue?


              Thanks again