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    DWP Advanced 20.02 patch/available Packages

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everyone,


      Anybody here able to quick explain the packages available for download for DWP Advanced 20.02 ?


      1) Do we need to install the integration patches if we are upgrading from 18.11 ?

           - BMC Digital Workplace Advanced Deployment Package Version 20.02.00 (DWPCatalog20.2forITSM1808Patch001_20.2-3.zip)

           - BMC Digital Workplace Advanced ITSM Integration Patch Version 20.02.00 (Remedy-intg-patch-DWPC-20.02.00.zip)

      and what is the difference between them ?


      2) What is the meaning of follwing files? when do we have to use them?:

           - BETA Remedy-plugin-integration-patch-for-DWP-Catalog Version 20.02.00 (Remedy-intg-plugin-DWPC-20.02.00-BETA.zip) 

           - BMC Digital Workplace Catalog DB for MS SQL/Oracle Version 20.02.00


      Hugh Fairfield, Simon Geddes, John Gallagher



      thanks a lot


      best regards