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    Session Results Report by Credential

    Jon Trotter
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      ADDM 10 used to show a count of host DA success/failures by credential, but in 11 this went away. We are looking to see which credentials are no longer in use and would like to clean up these IDs. Is there a query that can be run which will show a count of the number of DAs successful and not successful? We have a query that someone provided a while back that does something similar, but it only shows the hashed credential name and type, but I have no idea if the count where it shows Successful as No just means that it has x number of failures, when it could have had x number of successes.


      This is the query.


      search DiscoveryAccess where _last_marker traverse DiscoveryAccess:Metadata:Detail:SessionResult where credential show credential, session_type, success as 'Successful' PROCESSWITH countUnique(0)


      This is the results filtered for the Windows Proxy creds.



      CredentialSession TypeSuccessfulSessionResult Count
      020snnnhfb2d0b5723942c0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21016
      020snnnhfb2d0b3b95f0560a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21015
      020snnnhfb265178bfe35a480a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21015
      020snnnhfb2d0b1b2006900a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21014
      020snnnhfb265174ba01d2340a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21014
      020snnnhfb265178d8e66e4a0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21014
      020snnnhfb2657a9842bf0fa0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21007
      020snnnhfb2657b5a0df055a0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE21007
      020snnnhfb266c27a2f2bdce0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE20871
      020snnnhfb2678a4cb3249c40a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE20613
      020snnnhfb2640038f72418e0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE7894
      020snnnhfb2678eccc4c99f40a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE7476
      020snnnhfb2d0ad66a04e20a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE50
      020snnnhfb2d0a7e803fc60a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE37
      020snnnhfb29bd4811c1940a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE28
      de050d36c5393fn3bb47103467Windows Credential ProxyFALSE24
      020snnnhfb2d0b0117a87a0a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyFALSE6
      020snnnhfb2678a4cb3249c40a1b94efnwdWindows Credential ProxyTRUE1


      I was hoping for more information and a list by credential name, but it may not be available.