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    How to get the old ordered jobs details in Control-M

    Anil TC
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      Hi There,


      Can someone please suggest me how to get the details on previously ordered jobs details, the details must me order_date, ordered by( If it is system then user_daily or if it is manual then ordered person name, order_time, all the folders and jobs name ordered on that particulate date.

      In my Control-M jobs should not breach more then 1000 jobs per day, but on January 20th it crossed more then 1000 as per the licensing report which I generated from  usage reporting tool. Also I tried to get the details from Reporting tool by enabling the audit and annotation in CCM but since it is a month back detail I am getting any report.

      When I checked the history, it is configured to save the archive only for two days.

      And finally, tried with select statement in database, but it is giving all the rows including the cyclic run(multiple time run) as individual rows, so the count is more then lac.


      If any idea to fetch these data with above all details, please comment!



      Kind regards,

      Anil TC

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