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    Smart Reporting - Impact of changing database fields name in Remedy!

    Tej D
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      Dear Team,


      I have below queries regarding the Smart Reporting and fields modification in Remedy:


      1.I need to know what will be the impact of changing database fields in Remedy that are already used by Smart Reporting reports.

      2.In case, if I need to change the database names in Remedy, what are the things that I need to keep in mind before modifying?

      3.What should I do, if I have modified the database names already in Remedy and how to rectify the fields in Smart Reporting to fix the issue?


      AR System (9.1.03) (on Linux OS)

      Smart Reporting Version (9.1.03 / 7.35, Build is 20170512).

      Oracle Database (11g)



      Tej D