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    Calculated field in BMC Smart Reporting

    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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      Hello Smart Reporting experts,


      I am trying to reproduce the following calculated field in Smart Reporting:


      case when ( dbo.fn_adjusted_date(  HPD_HELP_DESK.Closed_Date) ) is null then datediff(dd,( dbo.fn_adjusted_date(  HPD_HELP_DESK.Reported_Date) ),( getdate() )) else datediff(dd,( dbo.fn_adjusted_date(  HPD_HELP_DESK.Reported_Date) ),( dbo.fn_adjusted_date(  HPD_HELP_DESK.Closed_Date) )) end 


      In words the Custom_Field value must be the Age of the Incident (days):


      if Closed_Date = null

        Custom_Field = Current_Date - Reported_Date


        Custom_Field = Closed_Date - Reported_Date


      How can a similar calculated field be implemented Smart Reporting?

      My collegue already made a few attempts but we are not getting the exact result yet:

      Anteprima immagine


      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


      Kind Regards,

      Alvaro Paronuzzi

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          Alvaro Paronuzzi

          I need to do something like this, but of course it is not working because of errors related to types used in this formula:

          Thank you in advance for your help!

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            Sinisa Mikor

            Hello Alvaro,



            there are several ways to construct calculation you require, here is one which doesn't require advanced options:



            CurrentDate() is available as a replacement for get_date() both as Pre-Defined Formula Type and as Freehand SQL Formula Type (the latter may be disabled in your Smart Reporting installation), so you can use that to define first calculated field.

            After this, define two more calculated fields:

                 one (Until NOW) to calculate Current_Date - Reported Date, another (Until Closing) to calculate Closed Date - Reported Date

            and use them both in final calculated field as CASE WHEN Closed Date IS NULL THEN Until NOW ELSE Until Closing END.

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              Alvaro Paronuzzi

              Hello Sinisa,


              Thank you for your response.

              I have defined a few calculated metrics and then applied the when cases to the definition of the resulting calculated field:



              It seems to work but I still have to check the results in details.


              Thanks for the input!