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        Emmanuel Galia

        Hopefully upgrades are doing well... we are undergoing an upgrade to our environment as well from to 19.08 (ARS/CMDB/ITSM/SRM/SLM/SmartIT) / 19.11* (DWP/DWPCatalog).

        *BMC said there was an issue with 19.08 installers and recommended to go to 19.11 for DWP/DWPC


        We mainly followed the steps here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/smartit1908/upgrading-876720334.html


        But also used steps here to split up DWP and Smart IT: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/smartit1805/upgrading-803118270.html


        Had some issues with ARS upgrade, but was able to overcome them: Re: https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-122501 gone?


        Now having an issue with Smart 2.0 to 19.08... hopefully get it resolved soon...

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          Philipp Huonker

          Hi Abdul,


          sorry for my delay, I was on training and afterwards on vacation.


          We're just using Smart Reporting - but there is still a defect while installing, hopefully we get the fix from BMC today.


          RSSO will be installed at the end - cause we have to edit each properties file, so we decided to do this at the end for all files.


          Carl Wilson - can you confirm this or could there be some issues installing RSSO at the end?


          Abdul Moid Mohammed - do you have any updates regarding installation issues?


          Emmanuel Galia - yes we also had problems with DWP 19.08 - but the issue was not that big. The dwpcontrolle didn't restart while the installation was running. There was a knowledge article how  to fix it - very easy, but 19.11 installer is fine.

          Can you explain your problems with the smart it installation? As you said you're starting at 2.0. So you have to get to 18.5 and afterwards to 19.08 - right?


          Best regards



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            Carl Wilson

            Hi Philipp,

            no issues with doing RSSO last, probably better this way as you can validate all the other applications and then install and integrate RSSO.




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              Philipp Huonker

              Hi Carl,


              thanks for your fast answer.



              If you install it before, you have to start configuring RSSO for each application after it is installed successfully - sometimes there is some time in between and then you have to think about, how you configured the last one. So I guess its a little bit easier and faster, if you're doing the same steps for each application successively.




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                Emmanuel Galia

                Hi Philipp Huonker - if I read the doc correctly on my first link, it seems like a direct upgrade from Smart IT 2.0 to 19.08. The steps delineate ITSM step to 18.05 and then deployment packages to 19.08, but not for Smart IT. *lol* It does get confusing at times. At any rate, there seemed to be an issue with the Smart IT upgrader/installer and the error we were getting was:


                (Jan 15 2020 08:13:29.117 AM -0500),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationStateHelper,
                  LOG EVENT {Description=[Remedy with Smart IT failed],Detail=[featureBMCSmartIT]}
                (Jan 15 2020 08:13:29.117 AM -0500),CONFIG,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationPropertiesHelper,
                  LOG EVENT {Description=[SET PROPERTY FAILED_INSTALL_FEATURES],Detail=[featureBMCSmartIT]}
                (Jan 15 2020 08:13:29.118 AM -0500),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.projectgalileo.rdbms.SmartITDatabaseProjectSequenceStatusTask,
                  THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Updating version dbVersion failed in updateOrInsertVersionByKeyName method],Detail=[ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
                  Throwable=[java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist



                Per instructions - supposed to restore Smart IT DB, which we did, basically restored the tables for the Smart IT schemas, SmartIT_Business and SmartIT_System. But still getting the error. Was told by BMC to delete the xml files from the User\...\Temp directory, and the "MyInstalledConfiguration.xml"(?) from Smart IT directory, but now installer thinks it's a brand new install. Expressed my concerns with BMC but direction is to move forward with the install, selecting new directory and new schemas. *sigh*


                As a last ditch effort, I had the server admins restore my Smart IT server from backup the day before I attempted the install. I'll probably still get the same error but I have a snapshot and db restore alternative if ever. I might just give up and do the fresh install if that still proves to be an issue. Is there anything that needs to be "saved" or that I'm losing if I don't do an upgrade? *lol*

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                  Carl Wilson


                  if you have a version of MyIT/SmartIT pre 18.05, you must upgrade to 18.05 before you can upgrade to a later version.

                  As mentioned in this thread MyIT/SmartIT applications and database was split in the 18.05 version, and the Mongo DB depreciated.

                  SmartIT and DWP will have their own separate databases created in the 18.05 version.




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                    Emmanuel Galia

                    Hi Carl Wilson - hmm... good point! I'm re-attempting upgrade today and will do Smart IT 18.05 first and see if it makes a difference. Glad I got your reply before my re-attempt!!

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                      Philipp Huonker



                      yes sometimes its a bit confusing.

                      I'm waiting for your response, if it works, like Carl also mentioned.


                      Good luck :-)





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                        Emmanuel Galia

                        Hi all - we were able to get Smart IT 2.0 "upgraded" to 19.08 successfully!! You'll understand the reason for the quotes in a moment. But to quell a previous statement, you CAN upgrade directly from 2.0 to 19.08 (I had the BMC tech John Mancini with me to confirm it, hehehe told him I was going to link him in my reply).


                        I think you have to initially do the step upgrade 18.05/19.11 for DWP where it splits from Smart IT and ditches MongoDB. Once that is done, then Smart IT can be upgraded to whatever version you've upgraded ITSM to. In our case for ITSM we went to 18.05 then immediately to 19.08.


                        So back to Smart IT upgrade...


                        First off, while I was going through the install wizard, I noticed the first time it asked for an installation directory (the same screen also asks for java jre directory), it defaults to the current install dir (\Smart_IT_MyIT).


                        - If you leave it as is, the rest of the screens act like an "upgrade": warns you to back up dbs, asks for a new destination dir (\Smart_IT), asks for the new schema credentials, shuts down Smart IT services, and finally on the Installation Preview screen it says "Upgrading to Remedy with Smart IT 19.08.00"


                        (I didn't continue, but I backed up to my original fork just like in those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books... *lol*)


                        - If you change that installation dir to a new one (\Smart_IT), then it acts like a "new install"; asks you to select a cluster option (picked New), asks for Smart IT DB info where I picked the option to "Use Pre-created DB" and use the new schema credentials, asks for AR Server info, asks what Tomcat to use (existing), Smart IT Chat (did not include), and finally the Installation Preview screen where now it says "Installing Remedy with Smart IT 19.08.00".


                        BMC recommended the 2nd option (changing the install dir to a new one), which I did. Took about 20-30 mins and it was done. No issues noted in the install logs.


                        Then we hit a snag: Get a blank screen when accessing via FireFox or Chrome, but ironically can access through Internet Explorer (which was strange since we usually have issues with IE).


                        BMC found an internal case/solution which we applied, and that fixed our issue. Basically the "upgrade" was missing some CCS Smart IT data. We had 70+ after upgrade, BMC had about 80, and after we applied the fix we ended up with 110+ items. I was doing a compare with another environment this morning and there are still some data that is not in the upgrade, but also some new data that isn't in our existing environment, so I'm guessing the missing stuff could be obsolete.


                        At any rate, hope my narrative would help some of you folks out there who might be going through upgrades like ours.

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                          Philipp Huonker

                          Hi Emmanuel,


                          sounds like you're now the expert to install SmartIT :-).

                          Very strange, that IE was working, but the others don't - normally IE is not working :-D

                          But what about the missing data - there were missing some config values?

                          After implementing these it was working?


                          Thanks for sharing your experience!


                          Best regars



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                            Emmanuel Galia

                            Hi Philipp Huonker - expert is so not what I am... *lol*


                            On the missing data, basically when you go to the AR System Administration Console > System > General > Centralized Configuration - then in Component Name, select com.bmc.arsys.smartit > Default

                            (*you can also open up this form: "AR System Configuration Component Setting" and select com.bmc.arsys.smartit > Default)


                            Notable stuff we were missing (that were added by the fix) were Smart Reporting and assignment configuration. We had to update those values as well after applying the fix. We're used to checking this form/configuration settings because every time there was a Smart IT patch/hotfix, I have to go back and re-validate the configuration settings. *lol*


                            So after just implementing the fix that added the missing data (even when the values were blank/not correct), we were able to access the Smart IT console via FireFox and Chrome.


                            Hope that helps!!

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                              Emmanuel Galia

                              Hi all - finally completed the upgrade in our Train/POC (proof-of-concept) environment, so we only have single servers or even shared servers (Smart IT/MyIT/Smart Reporting). However, we did do a db-refresh from our Prod environment in order to best mimic the actual end scenario. We're refreshing our Dev and Test environments as well.


                              Train was our first stab at the upgrade, to get our bearings and get a rough draft of the overall plan. Dev will be the validation of our upgrade plan, tweaking as needed and will also be the deep dive to find out any post-upgrade issues/fixes/etc. Once that is done, then Test will be the dress-rehearsal for the upgrade, and UAT where we open it up to a select/small group of users for their validation. As we go up environments, we'll also have clusters/server-groups that will be going through the upgrade thrown in the mix.


                              Sharing a quick recap of what we did. The only thing we'll change in the order is get RSSO upgraded ahead of time. We're testing to see if RSSO 19.08 is compatible with apps, to make sure we can do it ahead of time. It'll be one less thing we'll have to do during the upgrade weekend.


                              Recap of Upgrade Path - TRAIN:

                              - DWP/DWP Catalog 18.02 / Smart IT 2.0

                              - Midtier, AR Server, Atrium Core, Atrium Integrator Server, RSSO

                              - ITSM, SRM, SLM

                              - FYI, spaces are where we did DB backups/exports and File System snapshots/backups


                              01_TRAIN_DigitalWorkplace1805Upgrade - 90 mins (*this includes installing DWP 18.05 in cluster/new server to split from Smart IT)

                              02_TRAIN_DigitalWorkplace1911Upgrade - 45 mins

                              03_TRAIN_DigitalWorkplaceCatalog1805Upgrade - 30 mins

                              04_TRAIN_DigitalWorkplaceCatalog1911Upgrade - 60 mins

                              05_TRAIN_RSSO1908Install - 30 mins (**gotcha for DWPCatalog, 18.08+ will need higher version of RSSO as well)


                              01_TRAIN_ARS-MidTier19_08Upgrade - 30 mins

                              02_TRAIN_ARS-ARSystem19_08Upgrade - 180 mins

                              02a_TRAIN_SmartReporting19_08Upgrade - 45 mins

                              03_TRAIN_AtriumCore19_08Upgrade - 90 mins

                              04_TRAIN_AtriumIntegratorServer19_08Upgrade - 30 mins


                              01_TRAIN_ITSMSuite18_05Upgrade - 150 mins

                              02_TRAIN_SRM18_05Upgrade - 45 mins

                              03_TRAIN_SLM918_05Upgrade - 45 mins


                              04_TRAIN_ITSMSuite19_08Upgrade - 90 mins

                              05_TRAIN_SRM19_08Upgrade - 30 mins

                              06_TRAIN_SLM19_08Upgrade - 30 mins


                              01_TRAIN_SmartIT19_08Upgrade - 60 mins


                              Hope that helps!!

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                                Philipp Huonker

                                Hi Emmanuel,


                                thanks again for sharing.


                                Great job - now we can compare the installation time.


                                Cheers and have a nice weekend



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                                  Abdul Moid Mohammed

                                  Hi Emmanuel,


                                  Thanks for sharing the details and upgrade process/procedures you have followed for the upgrade!

                                  I would like to know if its mandate to start with DWP Upgrade along RSSO prior to Midtier and ARS.

                                  For your information we are not using Smart IT and do we need only to upgrade DWP as part of Upgrade?

                                  We are still in process of upgrade and saw your updates on it so thought of sharing/gathering the details for the same.


                                  We are on Midtier/ARS/Atrium Core/Integrator and DWP - Smart_IT2.0.00_DigitalWorkplace18.02,RSSO version (18.02.00 build 9)

                                  Can you suggested the path or any specific preliminary steps to be taken before starting DWP 1802/1902/19_11 ?


                                  Appreciate response at your earliest availability.


                                  Thanks;--Abdul Moid

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                                    Emmanuel Galia

                                    Hi Abdul Moid Mohammed - Yes, BMC recommends that when doing an upgrade and you have DWP, do it first, then AR Platform (Midtier, AR Server, Atrium Core, Atrium Integrator), then Apps (ITSM, SRM, SLM), then Smart IT (but you don't need this as you are not doing Smart IT).


                                    So my suggestion is to follow the path I had above, and just remove the Smart IT part, which is at the end:

                                    1) RSSO -> 19.08 (can go directly to 19.08, the reason for doing RSSO first is because once you upgrade DWPCatalog to a version 18.08 or higher, then it requires a higher version of RSSO as well, that was the "gotcha" we encountered)

                                    *note: we're currently checking to see if RSSO 19.08 is still compatible with 9.1.04/18.02, so far I've checked with DWP Catalog 18.02 (works fine), and will be checking the rest as well, unless you have a spare RSSO server that you can point to for that environment (which we don't, lol)


                                    2) DWP -> 18.05 -> 19.11 (we didn't go 19.08 because BMC had disabled download for 19.02 and 19.08 versions due to an issue with the installer, they might have fixed it since then so you can check, but should be fine for DWP to be slightly different version than ITSM, to be sure pls check compatibility matrix)


                                    3) DWP Catalog -> 18.05 -> 19.11 (same reason above, and keeping it the same version as DWP)


                                    4) AR Platform (Midtier, AR Server, Atrium Core, Atrium Integrator) -> 19.08 (can go directly to 19.08)


                                    5) Applications (ITSM, SRM, SLM) -> 18.05 (installer) -> 19.08 (deployment packages)


                                    Oh, and make sure you do DB backups/exports and File System backups/snapshots as often as you can. So if that part of the upgrade fails, you can restore right before your attempt. Most of the BMC instructions and even the installer say that, so please heed their advice. It's saved my butt more often than not. And at the end, do a final backup as well, before you start playing around and messing with the configurations post-upgrade. You never know... *lol* (speaking from experience)


                                    Hope that helps and Good Luck!! Do share your experience as well!!


                                    Here's the BMC doc with the recommendation to start with DWP:


                                    Look under "Determining the upgrade scope", 5th planning Decision, "When should I upgrade BMC Remedy with Smart IT or BMC Digital Workplace?"


                                    The upgrade process is separate for BMC Remedy with Smart IT or BMC Digital Workplace.

                                    If you are using BMC Digital Workplace and/or BMC Remedy with Smart IT, it is recommended that you upgrade the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite only after upgrading BMC Digital Workplace and upgrade Smart IT only after BMC Remedy ITSM is upgraded.

                                    Note that if ITSM is upgraded to version 18.05, Smart IT also must be upgraded to 18.05, because Smart IT 2.0 and earlier will not work with ITSM 18.05.

                                    The upgrade sequence is as follows:

                                    1. Upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace
                                    2. Upgrade to Remedy ITSM Suite
                                    3. Upgrade to Remedy with Smart IT

                                    For more information, see   Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace   in the Digital Workplace documentation and   Upgrading Smart IT   in the Smart IT documentation.


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