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    Error while consuming POST API

    jyoti kumari
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      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to consume post API



      Requested Body



      "Data Set Id ":"BMC.SAMPLE",

      "Name":"test post api",







      Error :




              "messageType": "ERROR",

              "messageText": "Field ID specified is not found on this form.",

              "messageAppendedText": "AST:ComputerSystem: <Data Set Id >",

              "messageNumber": 311



      Can someone please help me on this.




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          Sinisa Mikor

          Hi Jyoti,


          form AST:ComputerSystem is joined of forms BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem and AST:Attributes so you should be creating one record in each of those.  If you look at properties of Data Set Id in Developer Studio, you'll see that under Join Information, it states that origin of that attribute is DatasetId field of BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem, so start by creating new record in that form; once you can successfully create records in it, try creating matching record in AST:Attributes -- non-reconciled CIs won't have final ReconciliationIdentity, so you'll need to use InstanceId.

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            jyoti kumari

            Hi Sinisa,


            This issue has been solved except one attribute.

            AST:ComputerSystem has one attribute "backup" but same is not available on BMC_computersystem

            I am using get on bmc_computersystem and post on ast:computersystem.

            user wants to see backup field while using get method too. could you please guide me through correct approach

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              Sinisa Mikor

              Have you checked whether it is custom attribute added only to AST:ComputerSystem?  If not, what is its ID; the only attribute which contains word Backup (in Name or in Label) on that form which I can find is Backup Asset ID+ and I assume yours is a Yes/No selection.

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                jyoti kumari

                It is OOB field on AST:computer system having ID : 536870916.

                Yes it is of selection data type

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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  The fact that its ID starts with 536870... pretty much guarantees that it is custom attribute (on my side, for example, I happen to have something with that ID and it is a Trim).  Would it be possible for you to copy it to BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem, then recreate it as attribute from join on AST:ComputerSystem?  Of course, you'd have to copy current values as well (If there are any) before latter part or they would be lost in recreation.