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    Control-M Alert Handling

    Sharvil Gupta
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      Is there any possibility to mark Control-M alerts as handled ?

      I need to mark them automatically which will auto-clear them based on NrHandledAlarm parameter as I don't want to change any system parameter.

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          Karl Fiedler



          there is a script that delete old alerts (ignores the state)


          lxsrv005:~ # su - em90

          lxsrv005% erase_alerts


          Erase Alerts Usage

          This utility deletes all alerts posted prior to the specific hour and date from the

          CONTROLM/EM database.


          Use one of the two options:

          1.  erase_alerts -U <user> -P <password> [-D <date> ] [-H <hour> ] [-F]


                  date : YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD format

                  hour : 0 - 23

                  Note: If date or hour are missing, then the current date/hour will be used.

                  -F: Forces the deletion without confirmation.


          2.  erase_alerts  -I

                  A prompts is displayed requesting the date, hour and password.


          best regards


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            Sharvil Gupta

            Hi Karl,


            Thanks for the suggestion!

            I got to know the ccmcli utility to remove old alerts. It needs to be run from Control M EM server.


            Could you please suggest which one will be better?



            Sharvil Gupta