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    How to filter Null values in Control M Report

    Kevin Barnas
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      Control M


      I am trying to generate a report that has blank/null values for the "Doc Lib - Doc path" fields.


      There is no option to enter blank or Null values and this is a required field and will not allow me to proceed without a value.
      I have tried the following:   is: Null, NULL,$Null$,$\NULL, <blank>, [blank], %, and more.

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          Mun Keong Lee

          Hi Kevin

          Don't think the reporting tool can handle null due to the limited no. of available SQL operators. The "Find and Update" feature available in workspace can be used by specifying "Is Not Empty". However this requires all your jobs to be loaded first into a workspace and will take time if you have a huge number of jobs.  The best option is to query directly from the EM database:

          select job_name,doc_mem, doc_lib ,........  from def_job where doc_mem is not null and doc_lib is not null;