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    Removing a server from a server group

    Prajakta Iyer
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      In AR Server version 9.1, it has been mentioned that : Server Group Member  - Indicates whether the server is a member of a server group. By default this option is selected and is not changeable.

      The information on 'Removing a server from a server group' states that we need to Clear the Server Group Member check box.


      We are using AR server ver We need to remove one of our servers from the Server Group. However, the information listed in the article above does not work for ver 9.1.

      We want to remove the server from the server group and then bring it up as a Standalone server.


      Has anyone been able to remove a server from the server group successfully in ver 9.1? If yes, please could you let me know what steps are needed to achieve this?

      Is it possible to bring up the server as a Standalone server in the same env (i.e. not in server group)?