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    19.11 for SaaS Only

    Michael Gould
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      Don't mean to start a flame war BUT why is 19.11 (ARS, ITSM, Smart IT) only available for SaaS customers.  Although DWP 19.11 is available for OnPrem.


      As an OnPrem customer, this release strategy (?) is very concerning, and not being taken well by my senior management.


      I'm curious if anyone from BMC has a justification for this decision?



      Michael Gould

      Manager, Remedy Systems

      United States House of Representatives



      "Remedy IT Service Management Suite 19.11 is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS)."

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          Stefan Hall

          Does a manufacturer need a justification for his decision? No, no matter how ill-conceived it may be.


          The question is whether we have to put up with this as on-prem customers without escalation. I think not and therefore I will summarize the facts (decision, impact) again tomorrow for everyone. I hope that all on-prem users wake up and BMC is aware of this intensively.

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            Peter Adams

            Michael Gould, Stefan Hall, happy new year.  I'm happy to explain, if there are questions. No need to immediately assume the worst.


            In my view, with the BMC Helix ITSM 19.11 (SaaS-only) release, nothing negative has happened for the Remedy on-premise customers. We continue to deliver Remedy on-premise releases with valuable features every 6 months, as we think this is the right balance of rapid innovation and ability to consume. If I recall, many on-premise customers had concerns about our 6-month release cycle and stated that they won't be able to adopt at that rate. Well, no customer has to do that. And we continue to have feature parity for the core ITSM solution between on-premise and SaaS. Note that all new features included in 19.11 are planned to be available for on-premise Remedy customers with the next release (standard roadmap disclaimer applies).


            BTW, the 19.11 release will be an exception. We wanted to test out, if we can increase the speed of innovation and value delivery for our SaaS customers, where BMC is responsible for version upgrades. Nothing wrong with some ambition. But we plan to go back to the 6 month release cycle also for the SaaS side after this experiment.


            As to DWP release cadence:  DWP has always had releases on a quarterly basis both for on-premise and SaaS. So, no change here either. The release frequency is tied to the ease of version upgrades, and DWP is very easy to upgrade. With the customization capabilities of Remedy, upgrades are usually a bit more complex - hence the longer release cycle.


            Hope that helps.

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              Jason Miller

              Thank you Peter Adams for the details! These kind of insights are very much appreciated.

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                Carl Wilson

                Indeed, very helpful Peter Adams - nice to see the updated photo!

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                  Stefan Hall

                  Hi Peter Adams,

                  In my view, with the BMC Helix ITSM 19.11 (SaaS-only) release, nothing negative has happened for the Remedy on-premise customers.

                  I understand why BMC/you take this view here, but for me a lot of negative things have happened for on-prem customers and consequently for BMC.


                  What was the status before the release 19.11

                  • 2 Feature releases / year (F)
                  • 2 Patch releases / year (P)

                  => February (F) - May (P) - August (F) - November (P)


                  This meant planning security for all customers (including on-prem) and, at the latest with patch 001 three months after the feature release, an actually usable product quality. I haven't been able to productively use/use a feature release unpatched for a long time.


                  What has changed with the release 1911 on-prem?

                  BMC changed its release cycle without any warning and officially stopped cumulative patch releases for on-prem customers with immediate effect.


                  => February (F) - May (P) - August (F) - November (P)


                  This means that

                  • on-prem customers no longer receive a general cleanup/stabilization patch between new features
                  • on-prem customers have to take care of the individual hotfixes themselves (support ticket)
                    Disadvantages :
                    • these are not tested together by BMC
                    • do not correspond to the same as the SaaS release
                    • vary depending on support staff and time of request
                  • on-prem customers no longer have a common version base outside of the feature release to share errors and installation experience
                  • the support of the individual on-prem installations becomes even more difficult for the support (great variety, new hotfixes are created on which basis, etc.)
                    By the way, that was the reason for the introduction of the consolidated patches in May and November!


                  For me personally, BMC has lost trust as a reliable partner. If BMC changes established release cycles without warning from one day to the next, what else is conceivable? I don't know and that costs valuable basic trust. I had already planned the release work after patch 001 and signed contracts with external partners!


                  Short version

                  I am happy to read that the 1911 release was a unique oversight (my word). But what exactly does this mean for the old release cycle?


                  => Will BMC return to the proven old rhythm and I can resume my release plans with foresight? <=

                       February (F) - May (P) - August (F) - November (P)  from February 2020 release?

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                    Peter Adams

                    Thanks, Stefan Hall

                    You're tying things together here, which are not connected. The decision to move from patches to consolidated hotfixes is independent of the discussion about the SaaS release cycle. And consequently, with the move back to a 6 month cycle for SaaS and on-premise releases, we don't plan to go back to the patch approach.


                    I don't see the approach with consolidate hotfixes as negative:  customers continue to get fixes in between on-premise releases. These fixes are consolidated, not individual.  You don't have to contact BMC Support: the Knowledge Article https://bmcsites.force.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=kA21O0000015AHGSA2, which I had shared before, has information about the location of the cumulative hotfixes for Remedy.


                    I guess we have to agree to disagree about the point that BMC continues to tweak processes to try and find better & faster ways to deliver value to our customers. That's what is driving these process changes, and we reserve the right to do that like any other SW vendor.  BTW, I don't think we change processes and policies more frequently than other vendors. Also, in general BMC often goes the extra mile to structure transitions gracefully.

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                      Ash Hall

                      SaaS has actually driven some major benefits for on-premise customers, primarily the introduction of the Deployment Upgrades - before then you'd have to upgrade via irritating installers, many of which took hours to run and complete. Now you can upgrade your on-premise implementation so quickly and easily, without even root-access to the server itself.

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                        Stefan Hall

                        Hi Peter Adams,

                        I know you like to refer to this site over and over again. But I'm sure you're not really informed about its contents. Your statement is simply not true!

                        I'll make this quick for you, a sad result and a bad one for BMC.


                        ComponentFTP ARRecommended Fixes ("your" page) for 1908BMC Support for 1908
                        AR ServerSR_1908_20190920_CU_ALL.zipSR_1908_20191115_CU_ALL.zip
                        Smart Reporting-SR_1908_20191015_CU_ALL.zip
                        ITSMITSM1908HF_191114-021814.zip (found unter SmartIT)ITSM1908CumulativeHotfix_13Dec2019_191220-004300.zip
                        SRMSRM1908HF_191108-131300.zip (found unter SmartIT)SRM1908_SRM_2019Nov04_CU_ALL.zip
                        AR Server (part 2 ???)SR_1908_20191223_CU_ALL.zip (found unter SmartIT)-


                        • Does the BMC support currently distribute old AR_CU_ALL? (blue color)
                        • Why is the Smart Reporting fix missing on the page?
                        • Why are the versions not kept up-to-date? (red color)
                        • Were the individual hotfixes tested together like a patch?


                        If you still believe that the patch in May and November, which was removed without communication, was not a good solution and the published hotfixes are an equivalent replacement, ...


                        Peter, I know that BMC can do whatever they want. One way would be to take customers seriously, another is to spontaneously eliminate things without any communication. This is also not a value for the customer, this is exactly the opposite.



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